10462748_10152259075491918_6785336987102004852_nAbout Sandra Dee Robinson

Sandra Dee Robinson: Beloved daytime television actress, speaker, passionate equine owner, wildlife conservation advocate and acclaimed expert for developing true charisma on camera.

Sandra Dee’s Mission: To empower and educate people around the world to recognize the gifts that God has given them; not just personal talents but also the gift of nature, to heal and inspire, so that they may be able to powerfully create the impact in the world that they so uniquely have been called to do.

Speaker Bio:

Sandra Dee Robinson is the go-to expert for brilliant people facing a big problem – getting stuck when it’s time to get in front of a camera and really connect with your audience. As the founder of Charisma on Camera, Sandra Dee provides transformational teachings through speaking, seminars, and a unique “Equine Experience” program, all serving to empower people with the ability to achieve true confidence on camera while enabling them to get their message out in a big way.

The techniques Sandra Dee has developed are a compilation of the best and most effective out there, mixed in with personal experiences from a career that continues to thrive after more than two decades; something only about 3 percent of her peers are able to do. Continually captivating audiences with her warmth, charm and honesty, she shares her personal journey from being a “knee-knocking, jittery mess” when starting her career at 11, to landing her first leading role on national TV at 17, then excelling in her industry with two decades of leading roles on Another World, Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, and currently on the Emmy-nominated web series The Bay.

Sandra Dee’s secret struggles with extreme shyness during that time, especially when called up on to “be herself” as a host, speaker or spokesperson during live events, drove her on a quest to overcome the phobia of public speaking and presentation. She immersed herself in studying with industry experts and became a  master – certified in many teaching modalities and presentation techniques she taught herself along the way.

Throughout her career, Sandra Dee has been driven by a love for animals and a passion to support rescue and advocacy issues. During her extensive work with animals, Sandra Dee has witnessed amazing transformations in adults and children affected by the power of their bond with living creatures. Her life-changing Horsepowered Leadership Training Clinics help people learn to control their energy and communicate on the most honest level as they interact with horses, nature’s preeminent readers of energy.

Weaving these lessons throughout her presentations is yet another one of the reasons that Sandra Dee stands head and shoulders above the crowd – a catalyst for taking the fear out of on-camera appearances and empowering people with the confidence and skill to create powerful connections when it matters most.