Leadership Communication through Horses
with Sandra

You’ve heard me talk about energy in your delivery and in your videos as a way of easily connecting and attracting your audience, right?

Horses are incredible at reading energy. This is primarily how they communicate.
This is the most natural and intuitive way to:

  • Understand what effect you truly have on people or why people react to you the way they do.
  • Tap into your ability to effectively communicate on a very primitive and honest level
  • Realize how your very energy can change even the most complicated situations.

“For real leadership, energy is more powerful than words”…Sandra Dee Robinson


“Calmness, strength, perceptiveness and power are words that not only describe a horse, but are qualities of those who encourage trust and can create a loyal following.  Whether you are leading the media, a boardroom or a cause, the ability to live in the moment secure in yourself and how you are perceived is invaluable.”
~ Sandra Dee Robinson

Your time with the horse will focus on non-verbal communication, but will also:

  • Re-awaken your creative thinking and problem solving strategies
  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Build your confidence
  • Create new thought processes for relationship building

I know personally how effective and deep these sessions can be. I feel blessed to have my own horses, but you need not have horses, or even know anything about them to benefit from this work!

Signature: Sandra Dee Robinson